consultar el valor del registro anterior dentro de un repeat\ check the value of the previous record within a repeat

01-18-2018 10:35 AM
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Hello, I am trying to calculate a volume in a form with survey123, the idea is to make the form intelligent and that as the user enter the data this will show the accumulated volume.

within a repeat, all the necessary fields were added for this calculation station by station (each repeat is a station different from the previous one). The problem that arises is that in order to get this calculation I need to consult the previous record where is the area of the previous station.

investigating now they incorporated min and max to be able to consult values within the repeat but what I need is to extract the last record entered.

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Hola, estoy tratando de calcular un volumen en un formulario con survey123, la idea es hacer el formulario inteligente y que a medida que el usuario ingresar los datos este vaya mostrando el volumen acumulado.

dentro de un repeat se agregaron todos los campos necesarios para este calculo estación por estación (cada repeat es una estación diferente a la anterior). El problema que se me presenta es que para poder sacar este calculo necesito consultar el registro anterior donde esta el área de la estación anterior. 

investigando ahora se incorporaron min y max para poder consultar valores dentro del repeat pero lo que necesito es sacar el ultimo registro ingresado.

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Hi - please have a look at the repeat aggregation sample in connect.

This shows you how to accumulate numbers across the repeat (see the summary for Total room Area).

Please let me know if you need any further help.



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