Collector feature pushes to Survey123 Form which then conditionally changes symbology in Collector?

04-17-2019 10:28 AM
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I'm trying to create a connection between Collector and Survey123. The basic idea is that we have a series of features available on a layer in Collector, each corresponding to a point we're trying to inspect. When you click on the point/feature it provides a URL which prepopulates some fields in a Survey123 based on the feature's information. I want a field on that Survey123 form to change the symbology of that specific feature on Collector. Is this possible?

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Hi Elias,

Currently it isn't possible to use a URL to open a feature to edit in Survey123 (it only will work to add a new record).  When edit via URL is supported, the workflow you describe may be supportable.

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Hi James,

Have there been any more recent updates to Survey123 that may support this kind of workflow? I am looking to do something similar to Elias. I have field techs choosing a feature in ESRI Collector and then performing data collection on Survey123 via pop-up URL. I was hoping I could find a way to then have a field in the Collector layer update to show that the inspection had been performed (e.g. a symbology update). 

Thank you for your time answering questions! 


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Hi Dusty,

At this time, there haven't been any changes to editing within the Survey123 field app.

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I've been thinking about this and trying to create a similar workflow...

Would it be possible to use an existing feature class to create a Survey123 form that will then edit/update attributes based upon a map in Collector? (I don't feel like I'm explaining this well, so I'm going to try to walk through the steps.)

There are 20,000 meters. 8,000 of them need to be changed to a new type (or inspected, depending upon the particulars for your project). I have a basemap with a layer of all the meters and a layer of the meters that need changed. I would like the field crews to be able to use Collector to see the meters that need to be changed. In Collector, they can select a meter to be changed/inspected and then subsequently use the link in the pop-up to open Survey123 to the form that will auto-populate some of the meter information. There would also be a field in that form, say 'Status' with a domain of 'To Be Done' and 'Completed', which the field crews can edit as necessary to change the symbology of the feature in the Collector map (as well as update all sorts of information in an Operations Dashboard).

An additional use of this map and form would be for the field crews to select a meter that *isn't* in the layer to be changed, but should be (we all know that data integrity causes those problems), and use it's pop-up to link to the same survey form. But, instead of editing an existing feature, this time a new feature will be added to the layer of meters to be changed. (I've done this part already with device inspections, so I'm pretty sure it's possible to incorporate it into the meter change out workflow.)

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