Can you use Survey123 to work on an existing service without having the service add or delete features?

03-08-2019 07:20 AM
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I was wondering if you could use Survey123 to work with and existing feature service without Survey123 creating an additional feature service so that only updates are made to the feature service. The features I want to update are polygons. I want to keep the feature service as is and not allow for any features to be added or deleted. I don't know if this is possible with Survey123 or if there is another option.

I want to create a form that I can give limited access to for the public that only allows the person to submit the form once. Once the form is completed, the feature attributes are updated to show their choice. Based on the choice, I plan to run a tool that analyzes the their choices and creates a larger polygon depicting a consensus, if the consensus is over a certain number.

If someone wouldn't mind letting me know I would greatly appreciate it. from what I have read, I read that to work from an existing feature service in Survey132 if the feature service is only set to allow for specific edits, then only those kinds of edits can be made. So I just wanted to get some clarity on this and to also see if anyone else has any other suggestions.



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Probably more than one way to approach this, but certainly you can limit the edit capabilities through the service itself if you are willing to make changes.  In the feature service you could modify the feature access capabilities to not allow geometry updates. 

A better approach might be to look at storing the attributes to be edited in a related-table, with a #relationship-class back to the feature class.  That way in the #agol map you could modify the pop-up properties to allow no edits on the feature class, but allow edits on the related table.

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I am just trying to see what options are available and what restrictions I

can place to make sure that their are no duplicates or someone going

overboard. So if there's any suggestions that would be great. I want to

have some level of control but not too much.

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