Can't mix fields from within and outside of repeats within report table rows

09-27-2018 11:24 AM
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I recently updated Connect to Version 3.0.142. Prior to that, I was running 2.5. On 2.5, I could use fields from within and outside of a repeat within a report table row. Now, using v 3.0, I can no longer do this. The non-repeat fields appear blank in the report. I created a long, complicated survey under the assumption that I would still have this capability. Now I can't come up with a way to make the report template work. Here is an example row from the report table:


${Weather}  ${Potential}  ${#JR_repeat}{JR_desc}  ${HC}  ${RS}  ${T_YN}{/JR_repeat}

Both Weather and Potential are outside of the repeat. Is there any way to include these non-repeat fields within the same row of a report?



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Hi Chris - we have a bug open for this: BUG-000114116 - I'll add you to it.

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