Can I use Survey123 for existing features?

08-18-2018 03:02 AM
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How can I implement following scenario with Survey123:

- Given with feature layer, every feature carries unique id

- Upon arrival to the location, the surveyor either picks feature from the map of selects it by id

- He fills the survey for this feature

In common, we use Collector, but this time we have a complex survey with more than 50 structured questions. It seems Survey123 fits this better, given the opportunity to implement the aforementioned.


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Have a look at the following blog posting for this topic; as it will walk you through the process needed to create a Survey123 form that utilizes existing data. Make sure that you do some testing on your data set (with a subset of your data) in order to make sure that the expected/wanted outcome is the occurring for your exercise. 



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Thanks Mike, it works.

I have created a working survey attached to a service.

However, every new survey creates a new point in the service.

I need to survey existing features.

E.g. survey should not add features but edit the existing ones.

How can I select specific feature from the service?

Can I select it on a map?

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Hi Michael,

To edit existing data you will need to enable the Inbox functionality for your survey.  Please see Prepare for editing existing survey data—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS for more information.