can i use pulldata to determine which multiplier to use, based on a range of values?

12-06-2018 12:31 PM
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Conductivity will be collected via the survey, and will be used to calculate TDS. 

Below is the scale for the calculation of TDS based on Conductivity:

0 to 23.0 (multiply by 0.64)
23.1 to 84 (multiply by 0.60)
84.1 to 447 (multiply by 0.67)
447.1 to 1413 (multiply by 0.71)
1413.1 to 1500 (multiply by 0.70)
1500.1 to 2070 (multiply by 0.72)
2070.1 to 2764 (multiply by 0.75)
2764.1 to 8974 (multiply by 0.85)
8974.1 to 12880 (multiply by 0.88)
12880.1 to 15000 (multiply by 0.90)
15000.1 to 80000 (multiply by 0.99)

Rather than using a complex calculation, I was wondering if I could use pulldata to determine which multiplier to use.



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Hi Lynn, pulldata is essentially a string lookup so it would be difficult to apply numeric ranges (unless you had an entry for every possible value in each range). Perhaps the easiest option here would be a nested if/then statement. To simplify the calculations a bit, you could work out the multiplier in a separate hidden or read-only field, for example:

if(${Conductivity}<=23,0.64,if(${Conductivity}>23 and ${Conductivity}<=84,0.6,if(${Conductivity}... etc.

And then use this to calculate TDS:

${Conductivity} * ${Multiplier}

Hope this is useful.


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Hi Jim,

I had a feeling the answer would be a nested IF is exactly what I did.