Can I prevent a value from being submitted multiple times in a repeat question?

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06-14-2019 11:30 AM
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I have a repeat question in my survey as shown below.  

The repeat question is to document the plant species and cover class in a quadrat.  There are over 200 values for plant species and many species may be found in a quadrat.  Is there a way to prevent a plant species from accidentally submitted multiple times in the repeat question?

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The JavaScript function worked great for me once I figured out that I needed to create an "extensions" directory in my survey to house repeats.js. This solved a lingering question that I had from two years ago.

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That is, it worked great in the Survey123 Connect preview. As soon as I got it into the field app I started getting "scripts disabled" messages.

Edit: just realized that I am responding from a different account, sorry for the confusion.