Can I auto-fill a value based on geopoint from Survey123?

01-18-2018 11:10 AM
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I have a Survey123 form (created through Survey123 Connect) where users submit a point. After the form is submitted, can I automatically calculate another attribute based on that point's location? For example, can I calculate a value for a 'state' or 'county' or 'eco-region' field based on the point's intersection with a polygon layer?

I know that I could manually calculate these values in ArcGIS Pro after the submission, but I would like to set things up so it's automatically added to the feature layer when their form is submitted. Is this possible? Thanks!

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Hi Adam,

The main reason for the beta status is an issue in Survey123 Connect during the authoring experience - Connect needs to leave and re-enter the survey to see the updated JS function.  Otherwise the feature works as intended for release.  We are working to resolve this issue.

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I agree, this feature would be extremely helpful and enhance work flow. I did use the pull data feature to auto populate latitude and longitude in an initial user survey that is a hidden field and then verified by the second (verification) survey. It would save additional time and resources to auto populate fields such as "Great Lake," "State," "Congressional District," and "County." Right now our organization is adding these fields in manually in the verification survey based on the geopoint the user submitted on the initial survey. Should we add this request to "Ideas?"

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I am also curious about an address autopopulate capability in Survey123. Say we have address, city, state, and country fields and the survey user inputs the address initially to create the geopoint -- is there a way to autopopulate those address, city, state, and country fields without having the user input those separately in different text boxes? I am also fairly inexperienced with Survey123 so I apologize if there is an obvious answer to this question. Thank you.

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