Can GeoForms be configured to send a notification mail (to the administrator) when a feature is submitted ?

06-26-2017 09:18 AM
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This will particularly be useful for the back-end, since one cant always be on desk to see updates in Operations Dashboard or the main Web Map. 

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Hey Roger,

Take a look at the following document: 

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Thank you Jake.

Just in case the one feature service fields had an email content, can the script be written to pull the "from" as the email in the fields ?

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Yes, you could update the parameters to include this field, assign the field value to a variable, and then pass this variable to the e-mail section.  I have not tested this, but something like below:

# Query service and check if created_date time is within the last hour
emailList = []
params = {'f': 'pjson', 'where': "1=1", 'outfields' : '{0}, {1}, {2}'.format(uniqueID, dateField, emailField), 'returnGeometry' : 'false', 'token' : token}
req = urllib2.Request(URL, urllib.urlencode(params))
response = urllib2.urlopen(req)
data = json.load(response)
for feat in data['features']:
    createDate = feat['attributes'][dateField]
    createDate = int(str(createDate)[0:-3])
    t = - timedelta(hours=hoursValue)
    t = time.mktime(t.timetuple())
    if createDate > t:


# Email Info
FROM = fromEmail
TO = [emailList]
SUBJECT = 'New Features Added'
TEXT = "Features with {0}s {1} were added.".format(uniqueID, oidList)
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Thank You Jake.

This was really helpful.

I have the python script written.

After customizing the code lines what's the next step to get this up and running ?

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You can set up Windows Task Scheduler to execute the script at a given interval:

Scheduling a Python script to run at prescribed times—Help | ArcGIS Desktop