Can a form have multiple geopoint type location fields?

08-14-2018 01:10 PM
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encountered some errors when used more than once.

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Hi Susan,

As Survey123 writes data to an ArcGIS feature service, there are some limitations imposed by feature service capabilities.  One of these is a limitation of one geometry field per layer/table.  This normally leads to a limitation of one point per form.  This can be worked around through a couple of methods:

- Adding a repeat to the form.  Repeats get stored in their own tables and also support up to 1 geometry per repeat section

- Using the esriFieldType of null to display a second (and third, etc.) point, which is not written to the feature service.  The additional points can be referenced by other fields to, for example, store the Lat/Lon of the point as numeric data in the table.  See for examples.