Calculations incomplete upon submission of record

03-10-2022 06:59 AM
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I have a couple of apps that use some calculations to a) concatenate entries from a few fields into a hidden "RingIDs" field and then b) join the "RingIDs" concatenations into a "RingSummary" list visible in the app and in the output.

The last field used in the concatenation calculation is a "Code" text field in which users enter a few letters. If a user does not click out of the "Code" text field (for example, into a separate "Notes" text field), the letters from the Code field are not included in the concatenation or the join calculations.

There is a mandatory select-one field following this text field and even a making a selection there does not remove the cursor from (or otherwise deactivate) the Code text field to complete the calculation. Therefore, the user can submit a record with the Code field still active and the calculations will remain incomplete, as shown in the data output.

This data entry sequence is within a repeat section, and we have found that paging through the repeat records at the end of the survey does trigger the calculations to complete and the "Summary" list will update with the Code being added to the concatenated text.  However, paging through records before submission is not an action we can force users to do just ensure all of the calculations are triggered and completed.

Furthermore, in the case of entering multiple repeat records and submitting them together without the Summary updating, the last repeat record entry does seem to calculate upon submission, but the preceding records do not complete the calculation and give incomplete "RingIDs" and "Summary" list.

The risk here is that a user can unknowingly submit records with incomplete calculations and the data for the "RingIDs" concatenation and the "RingSummary" list are therefore incomplete in the output.

I am using Survey123 Connect version 3.14.256.

I have attached a screenshot of the survey from in S123 Connect which shows the Code field being active after selecting an option in the following single-select field, and it also shows the incomplete "Ring Summary" calculation which should read 'Left Black TEST'.  I have also attached the FormXLS (see rows 73 & 77 for the calculation fields) and an Excel spreadsheet of the data output highlighting the incomplete fields, particularly on the repeat tab.


Thank you for your help.

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