Calculation to copy value from field into field in repeat group - issue in web form

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Hi I have a field inside a repeat which is set to copy the value of a field from outside the repeat, to give a default that the submitter can manually overwrite. 

This works fine in the field app (testing in Survey123 Connect 3.12) - the value of the field 'bagparentq' is shown automatically in the field inside the repeat 'bagrepeatq'. And the fields in any of the repeats can be manually altered, and the manually selected values are retained. 

In the web form though, the field in the repeat correctly shows the selection from 'bagparentq' to begin with. However, once the field is overwritten then the + button is clicked to open repeat #2, the field in repeat #1 changes by itself to the value before it was overwritten. 

Any idea how to ensure the overwrite value is retained when there are further repeats added?

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