Button to collect location rather than location being captured automatically

11-12-2021 12:42 PM
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We had a problem in the last field campaign with capturing location. When the accuracy drops below the designated accuracy, location stops refreshing (I see the benefit of why Survey123 does this). However, we wanted users to go to the center of the field and then capture location. We put an instructional 'page' in the survey, telling them to go to the center before they go to the next question and lock in the location, but ~50% of points collected were still from the edge of the field. 

It would be much easier to have a button that they can click once they are in the middle of the field (a la GeoODK). There is the small target, but it is miniscule, and although we advised them to click that when they reach the center, it either did not update the location or they thought they had. 

Is there a way to add a button either 1) in the XLS form or 2) in the files for AppStudio to configure S123? 

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What I did is set the default to 0,0 and then it stayed blank until they click on it.  That way it was not just where they opened the form.  Worked ok for us.

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