Auto select value in dropdown if only one value is present?

02-22-2021 10:06 PM
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Is there an easy solution in the form, to auto select a value if there is only one value present?

We have several linked cascading drop downs, sometimes only one value would be present in a drop down. The user currently has select that value.

Is there an easy solution to auto select the single present value?



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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi @ejrcarson,

There is currently no "out of the box" way to autoselect a value from a select one question if there is only one choice available via cascading selects. 

There may be a way you can configure your calculations to set the choice as a default if you know based on the previous answers what the choice list would be. Bascially you need to know the value so you can then set it in the calculation. Depending on how you survey works and the question types and answers, not sure if this would be possible.

If you are able to share your survey XLSForm xlsx file, we can take a look to see if any workarounds.



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