Attachment as hyperlink on Customised report Survey 123?

11-02-2018 03:46 PM
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Ismael ChiviteJames Tedrick

#Survey123 Attachment

Hello All,

We are about to go live with a survey where developers/landowners will put forward new sites for possible further housing developments. They are required of submitting a site plane in pdf format.

I am trying to create a customised report for where is possible view the uploaded site plan as hyperlink. Does someone know if is possible to get the pdf attached as hyperlink in the Report (Beta)?

The option suggested seems to work for an image not on a PDF.


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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Piero,

Where is the hyperlink stored for the PDF you want to link to? Is it also in AGO, if so that is not currently supported and will not displaying inside the report, only image file types will work as documented.

However you can just insert the hyperlink text as a text field entry from the survey into your report.


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