ArcGis Survey 123 Connect - likert (vertical) position not working.

09-30-2021 07:27 AM
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Likert apearence not working in vertical position, only horizontal.

Its works fine in web form in device (phone) visualization mode. But this functionality in Survey connect (XLS Form) after published to be used in app not works.

In attachment is what I need 

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi @CrisjovanoGumaraes ,

The Likert appearance is behaving as we expect - Likert questions published from Survey123 Connect display in the web app the same way as Likert questions published in the Survey123 web designer.

Is the concern that Likert questions are always horizontal in the field app?

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Is it possible to present a likert in the vertical position in the web or mobile app to allow more choices or longer labels? 

Anneka France
Technical Manager at The Rivers Trust
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Yes. The questions are always horizontal in the field app. And I can not change it. How is it possible to rotate it ? Any parameter ?