Survey123 Geoshape - Enable "method=vertex" on web browser for the Freehand Area tool - point and click vertices

05-18-2022 11:09 AM
Status: Already Offered
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We work with high resolution maps and need end-users to draw precise boundaries and angles in the Survery123 form Geoshape question. The majority of our users are submitting forms from their desktop with a mouse or pen to draw the shapes.

Survey123 by default uses the method=sketch, this setting makes the Freehand Area tool a point and drag action by the user, which behaves the same in the field app or browser. Changing the method to "vertex" changes the user action by requiring a point-and-click for each vertex -- but this is only enabled on the field app -- not the browser.

I am requesting Survey123 make the method=sketch available to web browser use. 


There is a setting for vertex already.  See here 


Thanks @DougBrowning. Is this functionality coming to the Web designer?


Also @DougBrowning, I tested changing the default method value from "sketch" to "vertex", while this does allow the user to construct a shape vertex-by-vertex, it does so only on mobile devices; the functionality does not seem to be available for users entering a shape on a form in the web browser.

I am specifically seeking the vertex method to be available to users in the web browser.

Status changed to: Already Offered

Status changed to 'Already offered'.

The following animation shows the use of the Survey123 vertex editing tools in a web browser:

Vertex editing tools in Survey123 web appVertex editing tools in Survey123 web app


To enable vertex editing:

  • In Survey123 Connect: For your geoshape or geotrace questions, set the value of the body::esri:style XLSForm column to method=vertex. More info in this help topic.
  • In Survey123 Designer: Enable the vertex editing tools as shown in animation below.

Enabling vertex editing in Survey123 web designerEnabling vertex editing in Survey123 web designer