Set default photo name in Survey123 Connect/web designer

05-10-2018 04:53 PM
Status: Implemented
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use Default or Calculate field in Survey123 Connect to set a default filename for images captured in the survey123 field app. Rather than the what is set by survey123 (a garbled mess that you can't easily sort back in the office after exporting from the geodatabase) you could use a calculation such as concat(${question1},format-date(${WSDateTime},'%Y%m%d%H%M',".jpg")


Yes please! It would save so much time to just be able to have our SiteID_Date_photo# auto calculated in the photo name field. You can calculate other fields based off survey inputs, why not the photo name?


What's the status on this issue? Is it being considered? We've been doing lots of tedious photo renaming over here after our 2019 field season and would love to save time next year by having parts of the photo ID auto populated. Also, we have some forgetful techs who didn't rename photos in the field and it's been a pain to go back and get the raw photos connected to the correct form submissions.



Does anyone know if this is being considered? I'm also experiencing lots of tedious photo renaming. -Would love a way to rename photos based on a previous response (i.e. via a calculation/concat)


Hi Drew,

This is being considered as a possible enhancement, but has not yet been planned for a release (as indicated by the current status of 'Reviewed').


Hi James Tedrick

This functionality would be extremely useful for our field data collection workflows.  



by Anonymous User

Hi James Tedrick,

Thank you for your support on these forums. I would like to echo the calls from other organizations that this would be a very useful and time-saving feature to include. 


Hello -

I've been learning the ins and outs of Survey123 Connect (and the Field App) over the last two months while developing a field inspection app for Minnesota Department of Transportation's Maintenance Division, and I'll just add my voice to the existing comments that being able to code custom field string names for photos captured through the app would be really helpful for us too.


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This would be very helpful for us to have as well. We would like to have the image name contain the job number string and the location number that was entered into 2 survey questions. This way we can sort the pictures when we export them off the IOS device.



by Anonymous User

Yes please, my company can use this feature to sort and share photos.