Set barcode type in Survey123 connect

09-14-2020 10:34 AM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor III

I would like the ability to select the default barcode type in Survey123 Connect.  With one of our surveys, the survey is updated multiple times per hour to update the dropdown lists from the itemsets.csv referencing another survey.  So users have to go in and change the barcode type almost every time they enter a survey.  They often forget to change the barcode type until they unsuccessfully try to scan a barcode.  It would improve the usability of the barcode functionality if they didn't have to think about changing the barcode format every time they enter a new value into a survey.

This was also requested here Set BarCode type by default, but an idea was not submitted for the question.


I need this too!

I my case, we have developed a form that is used to read different types of barcode. It would make it much easier for the field workers, if we could specify already when configuring the form, that the first question considers e.g. an EAN-13 type of code and the second question the PDF417 type as they cannot be selected at the same time.

Status changed to: Implemented

Thanks for the idea. This was implemented in version 3.18.   Check help at: