Secure storage of My Survey Designs on local device

02-03-2020 01:23 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

It would be very useful if it was possible to secure the My Survey Designs folder and the media subfolder on local devices so that it is not accessible by the user. Currently anyone downloading the survey form has full access to the XLSForm, external csvs (for pulldata functions) and associated media (e.g. My Files > Device storage > ArcGIS > My Surveys > 'Survey name/code' > esriinfo on an Android device). This limits our ability to include any sensitive data, such as a pulldata function which pulls in user information (e.g. name, address) based on their AGOL login. This has data protection implications for us. The same issue applies to any sensitive information stored in choice lists which may only be visible to certain users (e.g. site names) based on a choice filter.


Could you have the sensitive information pulled from a service instead of the csv? 


Thanks for the suggestion Blythe Spendlove‌. Is this functionality now supported? Everything I've read suggests this is still in Beta, and the links to info I've seen on other posts that point to relevant information in the Early Adopters Community are broken. We just had an ESRI consultant working with us for a week and they didn't even mention this capability during our discussions on the subject of updating choice lists and so on from feature layers. Instead they scripted the updates in python. Pulling the information directly from the feature service using JavaScript would be much more straightforward.