Pass coordinates from Collector to Survey123 (without using feature attributes)

05-22-2018 04:36 PM
Status: Open
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Collector is currently able to pass the coordinates of a feature to Survey123. But imagine instead that you are clicking a point on the map in Collector that does not yet have a feature. As of now, when somebody "clicks and holds" a spot there is a secondary type Popup that appears that shows the coordinates of the spot which was clicked

It would be very useful if these secondary-coordinates popups could be configured like the standard popups for features. That way if somebody wants to create a new feature and open Survey123, they could hold the spot on the map until the coordinate popup appears, and this popup could be configured to allow a link to be inserted such that S123 is opened with the coordinates for this new feature already pre-determined so that the user does not have to select the location twice



That would be cool, great idea!


Kleinknecht, Jake‌ I note in your above idea you say you can pass a coordinate through to from collector; can you please explain how you are doing this?

I have been able to work out how to pass attributes (fields) through from collector to survey123 using pop ups and customizing the hyperlink, but I am wanting to pass coordinates through instead of have the user use the geopoint location field where the user has to use the Pin to locate the item.



You would pass it just like passing other attributes. I believe this would require you to have latitude and longitude columns in your feature class. You could then pass those variables in from a specific feature using &center={LatitudeColumn},{LongitudeColumn} as explained in this doc

I don't think that this is do-able from the feature's SHAPE field yet, unfortunately. It would be cool to do this by calling &center={SHAPE@Y},{SHAPE@X}. From this geonet post, it seems as though this functionality may be implemented in the future...

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There are a few ways to achieve this passing of the coordinates from Collector into Survey123 and if you are using an external GPS unit, then you might be able to use this method within this blog -