Migrate commonly selected values to the top of a long select list in Survey123

09-16-2022 08:33 AM
Status: Open
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When selecting values from a list in a repeat, migrate commonly chosen values to the top of the list (this might even be useful throughout a whole survey if there are multiple fields calling on the same list in different places). When dealing with plant species lists thousands of species long, many areas often have 5-10 very common species. If, after several selections within the repeat, these species would begin to migrate to the top of the list for easier selection in the long list this would greatly improve efficiency of data collection and reduce error.


Love this


This has been posted a few times.  I have been asking the team for about 4 years now.

My current idea is to have the internal SQL database keep a running pick count on the choice then sort by that.  I talked to Ismael at UC and he thinks this could work.

Big upvote.  I think it is the next evolution of 123 where the form "learns" over time.



This would be great!