Map at the bottom of Screen on ArcGIS Survey123 Desk Application

03-19-2021 08:46 AM
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When you are working on to set it up a form, at the bottom of the Screen that says Map ( See Screenshot)



If you are not in your current area and if someone is at a different area, for example, you are working at Los Angeles, CA and someone asked you to do a form for them. The Map should have a settings to set a lock to prevent it from keep returning to Los Angeles.

Let say if you are in small town, Bishop, California, and you are in Los Angeles office. The settings SHOULD be set to Bishop, CA instead of Los Angeles.

I went to the Map settings and it doesn't say "lock" to prevent from getting return to the same place 




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I'm not quite sure I understand what you are asking for.  The map settings for a form will be saved when set and then saved by leaving the Map tab; returning to the map tab will show the same location.  Are you asking for Survey123 Connect to use the map settings of a form as the default for another form?


Thank you for replying . 

@JamesTedrick    Ok , Let me try my best .

Suppose someone from another state ( example  say  a office in Welton, AZ and has no one to do this) and gives a call to someone in  Palm Springs, California  a private contractor and  request to an expert who can set up a form and just like you said saved and the map tab should be in Welton, AZ instead of Palm Springs. When you do the testing and you want see if it works in Welton, AZ only.

Get it ?

Let me know.