Improved Survey123 interface for managing nested "Repeats" in the field

03-18-2019 10:07 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Surveys that contain nested repeats (multiple subforms with one to many relationships) quickly become unwieldy in Survey123. For example to find a particular record in a “grandchild form” I have to navigate through all records using the form interface in my “child forms” to locate the record.   Collected data for each repeat/subform could be reviewed in a customizable summary table (similar to iForms) rather than having to scroll or page through the repeats to find a record. 

I am aware of the work around to create multiple surveys and link them with UUIDs using a Custom URL Scheme, but this has other draw backs.  I have taken steps to make my survey as streamlined as possible, but continue to find that creating, locating and reviewing records in repeats is not as smooth as it could be. 

Thank you for your consideration.