Generate Reports from Survey123 via Webhooks in Microsoft Automate (Microsoft Flow)

10-23-2018 05:42 PM
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The ability to auto-generate reports from Survey123 surveys and email them to a recipient would be tremendously helpful for my work. We have inspectors in the field who need to translate their Survey123 survey into a report they can share with the inspected and upload to our public-facing inspection database. The new webhooks tool can email a survey creator (or anyone else) once a survey is complete but nothing else. If the new webhooks tool had the ability to trigger upon survey submittal a report generation and email as attachment that report to a recipient it would be immensely useful. 


There's the option with Integromat to attach reports but unfortunately I can't use Charles or Fiddler to get the key parameters because IT says so. I'm very limited with using 3rd party software but if this was made available many more units in our building would utilize Survey123


I've experimented with Integromat and it's a great product, but my government agency forbids use of such "unauthorized" products and the process to get it authorized is so complex and time-consuming it would take years. I'm holding out hope that when the report generation comes out of beta it will have some in-Suvey123-ecosystem method of delivering reports. 

FWIW, I have been able to get the new report generation API to get reports generated and emailed using an on-government-servers script, but it's a system with far more complexity, using far more resources, than Integromat. 


This is exactly what I'm after.

I'm using Microsoft Flow and I would like to be able to email the report as well as have the report save to into our EDRMS (document/records system).


Hi Naomi,

I don't believe Microsoft Flow can email feature reports, only Integromat seems to have that capability at this time. While Integromat can generate and email feature reports, having it save such reports to your records system would require your IT folks opening some port or mechanism in your records system database. Getting IT to do such in any large government organization is difficult. You're welcome to bounce ideas off me if you'd like.


I changed the label of the idea to include a reference to Microsoft Automate. Note that this functionality is already supported with Integromat.

by Anonymous User

We would very much like to have the ability to generate Feature Reports in Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) in the same manner that you support with Integromat. We have developed integrated workflows for SharePoint and Teams and would like to be able to include Feature Reports with those workflows, including storing them in SharePoint document libraries (along with their data in SharePoint lists), adding Feature Reports to Planner tasks, etc.

We have experimented with Integromat but get stuck by its inability to upload a Feature Report to a SharePoint document library. We find that we can only go so far with either Power Automate or Integromat. So, having the ability to generate a Feature Report in Power Automate would solve this problem.


I also can't stress enough how much this would help our organization! We are also a government entity, so going outside of the Office365 environment to procure a connector is very difficult. It would be incredible to have the Survey123 Generate Report connector inside of Power Automate!


Esri please make this possible. Our organization uses MS Power Automate and we do not have access to Integromat. Please implement this with Power Automate without the use of Premium Connectors. We have a need to be able to generate the Reports when a survey is submitted and email them to a specific user. Our organization does not have access to Premium licensing. Thank you!

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