Enable Survey123 compatibility with Distributed Collaboration environments (Portal & ArcGIS Online)

08-14-2018 06:39 AM
Status: Open
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When creating a survey using a feature service hosted in ArcGIS Server, federated with Portal for ArcGIS, and added to ArcGIS Online, an error is returned, "Invalid Token".

Use Case:

We are currently publishing on-premise referenced data from their enterprise database to a portal federated server. This live connection to the data is then viewable in Portal. They are then registering these publicly shared layers with AGOL using the collaboration method, which is the same as manually adding this public service to AGOL or using Python as a transport.

Ideally, using S123 for AGOL would provide a more stable platform for us to create our surveys off of, while still maintaining our Federated Server/Portal environment. We do not want to require passing a token as the workaround  for this because this is currently not part of our workflow and is the whole reason for distributed collaboration in the first place. At this point we would like to have the opportunity to build a survey off of the AGOL item and share this survey with the community.


Thanks so much!


Survey123 for ArcGIS‌ Any updates on this functionality?

Hi Amanda,

Just to check, you are referring to distributed collaboration in ArcGIS Enterprise - About distributed collaboration—Portal for ArcGIS (10.6) | ArcGIS Enterprise ?  This should be working in a collaboration set up to send and receive data:

1) Create the Feature Service in ArcGIS Enterprise

2) Share it into the group and workspace

3) In ArcGIS Online, create a form from the AGOL Feature Service

One thing we have seen is that there is a bit of delay between AGOL item displaying the Enterprise URL and the AGOL Feature Service URL - this can be seen in the feature service's item information either through the REST request or by logging the form creation process.

Hi James, 

Thanks so much for the quick response!

Yes I am referring to distributed collaboration. We currently do have an ArcGIS Enterprise distributed collaboration group configured to send and receive content.  When we try to create a new survey in S123 Connect (version 3.2.196) from the collaborated feature service we can navigate to the feature service but when trying to start the survey creation we receive this error: 

We did formally open a case (#02150470) and log this as an enhancement request (#ENH-000112032) last year but we were wondering if there is any update on if/when this much needed functionality will be available in S123 connect. 



Just wondering, is it better to create it in ArcGIS Online and share it to portal or is it better to create it in Portal and share it to ArcGIS Online? Most of our users will be in Portal, but we will have some outside entities using ArcGIS Online accounts.

James, I just tried to create a survey in AGOL and put it in a distributed collaboration group with Portal, but am getting the Invalid Token error that Amanda was getting.

Hi David,

Can you check the item information on the feature service and ensure that it is a local service on the Portal (instead of being a reference to the AGOL service)?  I am able to publish a feature layer transferred over by collaboration.


Are you collaborating the survey item itself or the data that the survey is built from?

James Tedrick‌ and David Runneals‌ any update on this?

We really need to have Portal registered services in AGOL supported in Survey 123. This issue is still present in version 3.5.



Hi Amanda,

Can you provide details of your ArcGIS Enterprise setup and the collaboration setup?  I have successfully configured collaborations (that copy over the feature service) between ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online.

The best way that I have found is to create a new item from the Portal hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online (with the portal credentials stored in it). Then you create a second Survey123 that writes to the proxy ArcGIS Online service. This way, all the data from both your Portal Survey123 and ArcGIS Online Survey123 gets written back to the single Portal hosted feature service and you don't have to worry about collaborations or syncing issues. James Tedrick