Additional guidance/information for select questions

10-22-2021 06:11 AM
Status: Open
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It would be great to include a pop-up / information button on selection questions to give a bit more guidance on the choice of answers.

For example if I had a question asking people to pick the mode of transport they used to travel in to work I might want the 'Bicycle' option to say something like 'includes electric bicycles' when an 'i' button is pressed. This would help keep the form streamlined and uncluttered, but give room for clarity past the option label.



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@DougBrowning thanks Doug - it's a shame to tool tips can't be applied to the individual options but the use of image is a clever workaround - thanks for that.

It would be ideal to be able to add pop-up information as text for select options. The link to the documentation referenced on that other post looks broken - is it worth trying to dig this out or is it about general guidance? 


Species list with images 2.gif

 This is how I do it for pick lists.  Works well.