A site for Survey123 User Solutions

07-17-2020 09:26 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

A searchable site where users can share their final Survey123 solutions.

Possibly modeled on the  ArcGIS Code Sharing site

Let's say you've been asked to create a survey for parking enforcement or a sanitary sewer mainline inspection. In addition to starting with the person who is asking for this information where can you find a detailed solution? In GeoNet you might find that a user has posted an xls form as part of a question. But you can only find that xls form if you are searching for a specific question. 

I find it helpful to look at other users solutions. Sometimes there is data being collected that I didn't even think of including on my form. Sometimes it is a calculation or combination of methods that deepens my understanding of the syntax. I learn, I borrow and sometimes I'm inspired to try something new.

I propose a User Solutions site for final solutions shared by others in the community that is searchable by topic. The ArcGIS Code Sharing site would be a good template to use. The author can include a summary and description to further describe the particular solution.

Thank you for your consideration.