A more user friendly way to "save to draft"

09-25-2020 01:11 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Saving to draft is a great feature in Survey123. 

However, many of our end users will often mistake this as being the same as saving the form in the outbox.

When next time they send in a filled form the entire outbox is sent in, causing alot of distress...

I would therefore like to suggest that if the option to "save as draft" was visible below  the "Save in outbox" when finishing the form this would be very helpful and make for a more friendly UX.

Or, atleast an option to toggle this feature in designmode? 

Possibly also, that a "save as draft" icon placed next to the X-button when inside a form would enhance the UX for them.

This is becuase the thought of klicking the X-button when having filled out a more advanced form (and spending a long time in doing so) is quite foreign to them, and many are very scared that doing so, will mean that they loose all their work.


We have tried numerous times to instruct them, show them, document in easy "how to guides" etc....

But ultimately when in the field they will forget about this and use the easiest, and to them most apparent way, which is to save unfinished work in the outbox as this is the only option besides sending in the form. 

Most of our end users are filling in multiple forms in a day where alot of information needs to be collected from 3rd parties, which is why they need to save several of them as drafts until they obtain that information.

So basically an easier and more obvious way to find the "Save as draft" than clicking the X-button is what I would like to see.