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ArcGIS Survey123 April 27 Quick Fix Release

04-27-2023 10:42 AM
Esri Notable Contributor
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We just released a quick fix update to the Survey123 website to address a couple of critical issues:

  • BUG-000157639 - Rules and Relevant Expressions set on Media and File Upload questions in either Survey123 Connect or Web Designer do not function properly 
  • BUG-000157076 Performance issue on the ArcGIS Survey123 website, on the Data tab and 'Form view' enabled, for a survey that includes an image question and an external choice list.

Many thanks to all of you who helped us identify and address these two issues. 

We will update again in June. If you want to try the new features we are working on, join our Sneak Peek session on May 10.


Sneak Peek May 2023.png