New ArcGIS story map won't display on my Iphone. 3D scenes error in Sidecar.

09-23-2019 10:05 AM
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Images work but when I scroll to sidecar with a webscene it errors "The Webpage was reloaded because a problem repeatedly occurred". Works fine on desktop browsers. Here is my Story: . Any ideas?

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Hi Joshua,

Thank you for this report! I'm observing this behavior as well on my iOS devices. Based on our testing, if there are more than 16 web scenes rendered in your story, we're noticing the browser crash and reload back on the device. This is a known limitation that we're looking to improve on how we can optimize performance on a phone given how much memory is alloted to a browser tab for a mobile device. 



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Good to know. It's really too bad I can't make a copy of the Story Map so I

could then separate it into two or three apps without losing all my work.

Unless... Is there a way to make a copy?

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Hi Aravind,

What do you mean by 16 web scenes? Can you be more specific. I am also seeing this same issue on Mobile and not on desktop. I was understanding that the new template is what we should be using because it worked so well on mobile. 


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