StoryMaps- Build a Custom Theme from an Existing Esri Theme

06-25-2021 10:47 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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Hi ArcGIS StoryMaps Team, 

For those organizations who would like to use an existing theme but tweak it, It would be great to have the option to edit an existing Esri theme (versus starting blank and having to rebuild everything). 

Amanda__Huber_0-1624643194492.png ---> Edit one of these themes


Just an idea that we'd really appreciate 🙂 




Status changed to: In Product Plan

Hi @Amanda__Huber -- We did do a basic design for how it would work to create a new theme from one of the core themes, but we have't prioritized building it yet since we hadn't (until now 🙂 ) gotten any requests for this. Also, we figured the main thing authors might want to do if they like one of the core themes is add their own logo, and that is already available in the Design panel. 

We do plan to add this feature at some point, but it is currently a lower priority. However, we'll monitor this idea to see how many votes it gets to see how much demand there is for this!


Great idea!

This is also on my list.

A first step can be, the documentation of the configuration of the basic themes.

Thanks Jaap 


@Amanda__Huber @JaapSmit  -- In our update last week we documented the colors and fonts for all the provided themes so you can more easily mimic them in your own custom theme.

See the table in this help topic: Set a theme—ArcGIS StoryMaps | Documentation


@OwenGeo amazing!

Thank you so much 🙂 


@OwenGeo Thank you very much!


I see, you published the settings of:


Story header and footer

Story background

Accent colors

Typography (font and color)

Title and headings

Paragraph text

Caption text



Can you also publish the following elements?


Style and color


Style, color, and alignment


Style and color


Style, color, and position


Thanks, Jaap


@JaapSmit  -- Fonts and colors are not easy to determine by looking at them, so that's why we included those in the doc.

We don't plan to add the styles to the doc since they are easily recognizable and there are only a small number of options for each, but here they are for reference...

ThemeButton styleQuote styleLink styleSeparator style
Summit1111, left
Obsidian3111, left
Ridgeline2111, left
Mesa1111, left
Tidal13, left13, center
Slate12, left12, full width


The color of each element is the accent color, which is already documented for each standard theme (and is the default option in theme builder).


Thanks OwenGeo!