Story Map Tours different color pins

03-09-2021 03:19 PM
New Contributor II

I'm making a Story Map tour (explorer) with a number of different "themed" stories. Is there any way to have different color pins? I'm not a coder, so simpler solutions are better for me, if possible!


I'm with@AaronKoelker. I would also like the option to change icons for the Map Tours.


Yes, I would like the option to set different colors on the pins for the Map Tour (Explorer option) in the new Story Map application.  I developed a Story Map about the various apartment, commercial, etc. development going on around town (Development Plan Proposals (  Our Planning Department would like to see the pins colored as the status of the project: new/proposed, council approved, under construction, finished, delayed, or similar.  Each step in the the development's progress would have a corresponding color.  The status could be a field in the feature service.  Thank you.


Yes, I'd like also like ability to color code pins (similar to the classic Story Maps and Unique Values symbology in other ArcGIS products). I am recreating a classic Story Map tour where we had the tour points in different colors (based on different categories), and now I am not sure I can convince my "customer" to upgrade to the newer Story Maps if I can't color code the tour points. Thanks!


We are also interested in this option to differentiate/classify information behind a point. any news on if and when this option is going to be implemented?


Further to my comment back in May, adding a legend that is tied to the pin colors/attribute would be needed as well.  I am hoping this happens!  Thank you.