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Story Map Tour / Shortlist - Enable font size change for name and description

03-28-2018 06:36 AM
Status: Closed
New Contributor III

It would be great to be able to alter the font size (and style) for name and description in Story Map Tour / Shortlist.  At the moment, with the default presentation using a laptop (not a problem with smaller devices), a longish title and even a small amount of text obscure the media image.  I appreciate that it is possible to expand it using the icon in the top right hand corner, but I have noticed that viewers often skip past if they don't see the smaller image straight away.

On a laptop, Shortlist seems to have overcome the problem with text size to some extent, because the default font is smaller.  However, it would still be a useful option for Shortlist.  However, on a smaller device, the image appearance is highly variable and generally very disappointing: On clicking any of the image list or map locations, the image can often be so small it is almost invisible.  Shortlist has been in Beta for a long time now - hopefully these issues will have been addressed by the time it is in stable release.

With Shortlist, it would also be useful to be able to expand the image, as can be done in Map Tour.

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Status changed to: Closed

The classic Esri Story Maps templates are in extended support (read more) and are no longer being updated with new capabilities and features. We recommend using ArcGIS StoryMaps for all storytelling projects.

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