Search function, storymap

10-27-2020 05:14 AM
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In storymaps, there is a need to be able to search the text.

For example, if I want to search for all sections that include agricultural land.

Navigation bar helps to divide into sections but in text-rich storymaps it is still difficult to find what you specifically want to read about.

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Hi @EmelieAxelsson -- Thanks for providing feedback on ArcGIS StoryMaps.

All web browsers have a text search that searches all the text on the page. Is there something that capability doesn't do that would require a dedicated search?

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It would be nice and easy to have a search box

@EmelieAxelsson -- Thanks for the additional detail. I see what you are asking for; however, search boxes at the top of a page that look like the one you referenced typically search content across an entire website rather than perform a text search of the current page.

I will share this suggestion with our design team so they can evaluate it, but I believe they may have concerns that providing a search box like that might be misleading or confusing since it doesn't follow established web design patterns used widely on other sites and also because it would duplicate a standard page search feature of all web browsers.