ArcGIS StoryMaps- Admin Publishing of User Made Themes

09-02-2021 06:19 AM
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Hey ArcGIS StoryMaps Team, 

We would like the ability to publish user made themes as administrators. Currently the workflow is a bit cumbersome. Go to item details page > transfer theme to personal account > open theme in story maps > publish> transfer back. 

Could there be a way to add a "My Organization" tab at the top of themes (similar to the Stories UI) that would allow admins (or publishers) to publish these themes for users (also allow admins to see all the themes out there)?




Thanks so much, 

Amanda Huber



Hi @Amanda__Huber -- Thanks for the feedback! We are planning to look at theme workflows later this year, so I've linked this thread to our requirements.

Can you share a bit more about how this capability would be helpful in your organization? Do admins need to publish others' themes because your org doesn't allow non-admins to share items with everyone?


@Amanda__Huber -- Just wanted to post an update here since there were some improvements to this workflow earlier this year. Although we're not quite where you need us to be yet, I think we're much closer...

In March 2022, ArcGIS StoryMaps added more theme collaboration features, including the ability to see all the themes in your org through inclusion of the My org tab on the Themes page (similar to your screenshot above). While that's helpful, there's an unfortunate technical limitation that currently prevents us from showing the EDIT option for items you don't own (even if you have admin privileges). However, admins can select "View full details" from the ... menu, which opens the theme's item page, and there they will see a button that will allow them to open the theme in theme builder and publish it.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any questions. For more information see:

Status changed to: Implemented

Marking this idea as implemented since the requested workflow is now supported via a few extra clicks by going out to ArcGIS Online.

There are still some usability/discoverability enhancements that could be made if the technical limitation can be removed.