Allow storymaps to be packaged and "sold" or moved to another company's license and user

06-02-2021 06:34 AM
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The consulting firm I work for makes storymaps and associated content for clients, usually municipalities. It is very troublesome for us that it is difficult for us to move Storymaps over to our clients account after we deliver the project. My idea is to make it possible for us to move or copy and paste both a storymap and its associated content to another clients own AGOL license account. 

We have found a solution for current and future projects, by purchasing an independent account that we build the storymap in, and give the whole account and its content to the clients afterwards.

But we have a huge problem with previous projects that we have stored on our own company's account, and we cannot move. The only option is to rebuild the whole Storymap from scratch in our clients account, and we can not ask the client for that kind of money.

We are crossing our fingers and waiting hopefully for a solution to this issue.

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@JulieGrindborg -- Please let us know if one of the options described in this article meets your needs.

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I think that does solve it! I've sent it to my colleagues and we will see if we can test it, thank you so much 🙂