Add social media buttons to StoryMap footer

a week ago
Status: Under Consideration
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It would be good if we could add buttons to the footer of the StoryMap to link to our organisation/project social media pages (not the same as social sharing buttons). These could also be linked to the themes. For example, the organisation's twitter, facebook, instagram, email etc.




Hi @Anneka_France! There currently is the Credits section that is available at the bottom of the story. We've seen many authors use that area to provide links to their or their organization's social media pages. Is that something that would work for you?

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Hi @OwenGeo . It would be useful to be able to add them as small button icons in the footer above the credits, rather than having to list them with the attribution for the media/data in the StoryMap. 




Thanks for the additional detail, Anneka. I'll pass this suggestion on to our design team and we'll track this idea for additional votes/comments.

Status changed to: Under Consideration