UPDATE! Known Issue: The story builder cannot be loaded

09-24-2019 02:26 PM
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Hello everyone,

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UPDATE: 10/30/2019

As of the October update to ArcGIS StoryMaps (which launched on 10/30/19), we've added additional layers of security to prevent this error from affecting your draft and published stories. As an additional precaution, we've also added a recovery mechanism for stories that cannot be edited. Previously, an author who encountered this error would see the following message: "There seems to be an issue.. The story builder cannot be loaded".

Now, any affected author will see the following message with instructions to download a recovery JSON file:

Please note that for this to work:

  • You should download the JSON from the same browser in which you encountered the error, and
  • You should not clear the history or cache from your browser before downloading the file.

Once you have the file downloaded to your computer, please reach out to Esri Technical Support or follow the steps listed here to recover your story. We believe that the additional security mechanisms we've added will mean you'll never be affected by this rare error again. If it does happen, we're pleased to report that the recovery mechanism will still prevent you from losing your work, and we'll work as quickly as possible to get things back up and running from the JSON file.

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