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Modifying the appearance of a Survey123 form when it's embedded in a StoryMap

12-23-2021 07:25 AM
Esri Notable Contributor
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When you embed a Survey123 form in a StoryMap, the story builder makes some modifications to the form to try to make it look and work better in the story. Specifically, the navbar, footer, and theme of the survey form are hidden.

Many times these modifications are helpful, but sometimes authors might want to make different decisions. You can easily customize this behavior using the hide URL parameter. When you use the hide parameter, it will override the normal changes the builder makes with the ones you specify.

For example, if you want the theme to show but still want to hide the navbar and footer, you'd use a URL like this:,footer 

If you wanted the navbar and footer to show but still strip out the theme, it'd be this URL to use:  

Essentially, just list the elements you want to hide and don't include the ones you want to show. For more information about Survey123 URL parameters, see this page of the Survey123 documentation.

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