Introducing powerful, personal storytelling

04-20-2022 07:00 AM
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Today, Esri is introducing—a powerful, personal storytelling tool—to the world.

Designed to make everyone a storyteller, StoryMaps is a new, direct-to-consumer product you can use to creatively combine your text and media with interactive maps—all on

StoryMaps, as you might imagine, is very similar to ArcGIS StoryMaps. However, StoryMaps is not part of the ArcGIS system. It's a consumer-friendly version of Esri’s powerful mapping and storytelling technology that anyone can use.

ArcGIS StoryMaps remains Esri’s storytelling tool for professionals and organizations. In fact, its success and all the wonderful stories created over the years by you, the ArcGIS community, inspired us to expand access to these capabilities. You can see an overview of the two products on

We invite you to try StoryMaps by making an account on

There is a 30-day free trial that provides full access to all its features. After 30 days, you can continue your subscription or keep the free version with essential storytelling capabilities.

We're very excited about this new product and believe you will be, too! We are looking forward to reading stories about your adventures and experiences with friends, food, family, and more created with StoryMaps.

If you'd like to help us spread the word about StoryMaps, please engage with us on social media and share the announcement posts that will be available soon on Esri's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels. You can also read more in this press release.



About the Author
Owen is the lead product engineer on Esri's StoryMaps Team and is located in Esri's DC R&D Center in Arlington, VA. He's been with Esri since 2004, and was a Solution Engineer on the National Government Team until 2015. His main areas of interest are StoryMaps and Web GIS and his hobbies include hockey, tech/gadgets, and guitar.