workflow: SRTM data preparation for Petrel/Gocad

04-09-2013 01:33 AM
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I spent some time to prepare SRTM data for generating a topographic 3D model in Petrel and Gocad.
Couldn`t find a lot in this forum but finally I was successful...
Maybe someone can save time and nerves with this workflow:

1. Change coordinate system of raster data to UTM
- Import SRTM file (.tif)
- Data Management Tools > Raster > Resample (�??Raster projizieren�?�)
- Use projected system > UTM > WGS 1984 > your area
2. Cut Raster to area of interest
- Create polygone shapefile with area
- Data Management Tools > clip raster (�??Ausschneiden�?�)
- Safe as .tif
3. Convert raster dataset to point feature
- 3D Analyst > Conversion Tools > Raster to Point (�??Raster in Punkt�?�)
- Safe as .shp
4. Export data as .txt (check if correct coordinate system)
- Spatial Statistic Tools > Export Feature Attribute to ASCII (�??Feature-Attribut nach ASCII exportieren�?�)
- Activate �??GRID-CODE�?� and save as .txt
- If necessary change , to . in text file
5. Text file should look like this

725027.486 4250944.341 1238.000
725111.765 4250944.341 1248.000
725196.044 4250944.341 1262.000
Import to Petrel/Gocad as XYZ
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You could take a look at Exprodat's Data Assistant software:

This allows you to export and import various culture, interpretation, seismic and well data formats to and from ArcGIS, notably for Petrel, Landmark and KINGDOM.

It might support the SRTM data via the supported raster/grid options?

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