Average raster value within search area from points

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12-05-2020 02:47 PM
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Hello, I searched for this, but I just can't find a solution.

Here's the problem: I have roads as a vector line file (geodatabase). I have a hazard layer as a raster file (values are from 0 to 10). I would like to assign a hazard rating (1 to 10) to each road. However, hazard changes dramatically from one place along the line to another. So, I know I need to segment the lines. I'll probably do them in 200-foot intervals. With that in mind, I created points along the roads every 100 feet.

My idea was to extract the values from the raster layer to the 100-ft interval points, then do a spatial join to the 200ft-segmented roads.

However, where the roads are, in the hazard layer, there is no hazard (0) because its a road in the raster too.

Is there a way to extract the average of all the cells in a 200ft centered radius around each of the points? And can I somehow ignore 0 values?

I suspect I need to do this in python, but hoping there's a tool I'm not aware of.

Thanks in advance...

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Okay - here's what I did and it seemed to work (much quicker than I had initial thought it would - bonus!):

  1. Buffer the lines by 200 ft
  2. Extracted by mask from my fire hazard layer using the buffered layer
  3. Converted resulting extracted raster to points
  4. Did a spatial join - with the geoprocessing tool, not the TOC tool and specified to get the mode with a 200 foot search radius

That did the treat! Thank you all!

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