Authorized Spatial analyst now it quit working after 2 weeks

02-13-2013 12:36 PM
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My GIS manager (who is out of the country) gave me a code to authorize Spatial Analyst on my ArcView license.  I did this in late Jan 2013. I even have a screen dump showing that the authorization went through online, and I recieved a fullfillment ID, went to ArcGIS, turned on the Spatial Analyst, and ran a few tools to check it out.

Now, it has not been yet a month, SA no longer is authorized, and I can't reauthorize using the code because it tells me I already tried it.   The screen dump showed I should have had access until Feb 25, 2013.

Any ideas?  As I said, my GIS guru is out of the country.

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So when you check in the availability, does this show SA as available or not?
Also, is this a single use or concurrent use license?

Are you getting err: "....maximum extra authorizations is exceeded...?�?� Usually this is the error message received when
the Desktop license has been used more than once.

Check to make sure that this license has not been used more than two times. If it has been used already, then you will
need to deauthorize the license from one of the systems in order to use it again on another system.

If you are unsure, please contact Esri support services and have an analyst work with you to determine the next step.
I hope this information is helpful and good luck.
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The availability that previously showed SA as available with an expiration date of Feb 25 now shows it as not available. When I try to reuse the code I used in January I get a message that I already used up my trial of that extension (or something similar).

Right now I would be happy to get to Feb 25 on the month I should have had. Our ESRI contact is out of the country so I'm not sure how to contact Esri as he usually can answer our questions or does the contact.

not sure if this image came through.

thanks for any ideas.
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