Make Districting for ArcGIS available in Pro

05-10-2018 05:35 AM
Status: Open
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I am a heavy Pro user but was recently tasked with doing a re-districting project. The free Districting for ArcGIS tool mostly meets my needs (I do not need the paid Redistricting app), but it is only available for ArcMap. It's a pain to have to switch back and forth between products for this project. Are there plans to upgrade the Districting add-in so that it will work in Pro?

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This would be a great addition to Pro to bring it closer to equivalency to ArcMap.  The current Redistricting ArcMap AddIn uses personal geodatabases in the documentation samples which are not supported in Pro.  Can the source data for the Redistricting AddIn come from another source type such as a file geodatabase or an SDE database?


I would like to try this on Arc Pro just to get a head start on our county's redistricting projects that I know are coming up next year, without having to drop back to Arc Map. I am not really using Arc Map for anything any more if I can help it.


I am also a pro user and haven't used arc map since 2015. Do you know if the free redistricting tool is available in pro yet?

Here is a link to the arc map tool.