ArcGIS Runtime SDK Java 10.2.4 Label not working for shape File in Linux

12-30-2014 01:13 AM
Status: Open
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in ArcGIS Runtime SDK JAVA10.2.4, labeling is not working for shape file(which is added as Dynamic Workspace.) in Linux, If we do not set the FontFamily of TextSymbol. But in case of windows OS, It's working if do not set the FontFamily of TextSymbol.
Below is the working code, for both windows and linux.

TextSymbol labelTextSymbol = new TextSymbol(rootNode); labelTextSymbol.setFontFamily("Arial"); // It's is required in-case of //Linux. But for windows OS It's optional. labelingInfo.setSymbol(labelTextSymbol); labelingInfo.setUseCodedValues(true);

Ideally there should be similarity in ArcGISRuntime SDK JAVA API incase of Windows & Linux OS.

Hope such kind of idiscrepencies will be taken care in future releases of APIs.