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11-02-2018 09:00 AM
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You've been asking and we listened. The Runtime Example Apps team is thrilled to announce the release of Data Collection for iOS, the newest member of the ArcGIS Runtime Example Apps family. 

We built the app as the springboard for your organization's iOS data collection solution. The app is designed to consume your organization's web maps, out of the box. Written in Swift, this app demonstrates best practices for consuming the ArcGIS Runtime iOS SDK.

A user can view and edit data (including related records) in both connected and disconnected work environments and easily synchronize changes between an offline map and its corresponding web map.

To demonstrate the app, we curated a sample web map named Trees of Portland. Let's take a quick look at the app in action.

Collect Data

To add a new feature, tap the plus button located in the navigation bar at the top-right and pan the map until the pin is in the correct location. Tap the green check button and you're presented with a form to fill out the tree's attributes.

Add feature

Complete the form and your new feature is added to the map. You can then add related records, if your web map is configured accordingly.

Add related record

Take Map Offline

Select an extent of the map to take offline and the app kicks off a generate offline map task. Once downloaded a user can toggle between working offline and . Tap to synchronize changes bi-directionally.

Generate offline map

For the complete picture, have a look at the documentation. We encourage you to clone or fork the open source app which you can download from GitHub and build using the Runtime iOS SDK (v 100.3 or later). Contributions to the project are welcome as is general feedback. 

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This is fantastic.  The UI similarities with the Collector Aurora Beta are great and I want you all to know we plan to steal liberally from this 😉

Great work.

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