Important Notice about Qt Framework 5.8 and ArcGIS Online Tiled Layers

06-15-2017 01:03 AM
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We wanted to share with you some important information regarding a Qt Framework 5.8 networking issue that affects performance retrieving data over the network, such as ArcGIS Runtime raster tile layers from a service. You can avoid this problem by using another version of the Qt Framework.

A description of this issue is available on the Qt Company's website at The issue is titled QNetworkManager get() repetitive request stuck for many msecs.

One way this issue manifests itself is through slow draw performance of raster tile layers (commonly called tiled layers) from an online service. When the problem occurs, you will see something like what is shown in the images below. The images below show the C++ Change Viewpoint sample as the viewpoint drop-down is changed to Geometry or Animation.

This issue is not specific to this sample. The examples shown above are extreme, but all network data retrieval performance will be affected to some degree.

This network performance issue did not appear prior to Qt Framework version 5.8. Preliminary testing with 5.9 Beta indicate that the problem should be fixed in Qt Framework version 5.9.


The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt Development Team

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This might sound stupid... but I've noticed some slow performance of rendering raster tile services - how do I know which QT framework version I have to know if this is the problem? 

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Are you using AppStudio? If so, you will probably need to post in their space to be sure you know what version they are using. Otherwise, you should be able to go to the Qt Creator Preferences > Build and Run, and that will list all of the kits you have.

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