ArcGIS Runtime Local Server SDK 100.0.1 is here!

01-26-2017 02:51 PM
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We are happy to announce that ArcGIS Runtime Local Server SDK 100.0.1 for Windows and Linux is now available. You can log in and download them from today!

As we first announced last November when ArcGIS Runtime SDK 100.0.0 for Java was released, Local Server is now an optional installation component of the ArcGIS Runtime. We only released the Windows version at that time as part of ArcGIS Runtime SDK 100.0. This new release now introduces the Linux version of Local Server, and adds some bug fixes for Windows as well. That is why you'll notice the version number 100.0.1 is the same for both.  Learn more about the powerful analytic capabilities that are found in the Local Server at this release.

In addition to providing the same capabilities as in the previous release, Local Server provides additional tools supported at the Standard, Advanced and Analysis levels, opening up new workflows for data management, analytical, and runtime content packaging. For a complete listing of supported tools, please refer to the Local Server geoprocessing tools support topic.

We invite you to give it a run and give us feedback.

Have fun out there!

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