Suggestion are required to approach for Mobile application development.

10-12-2016 01:23 AM
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Hi Folks,

We want to develop Map based Mobile Application for iPhone and Android both. 

Few functionalities are as below::

  1. Basic Map Navigation
  2. Routing
  3. Search capabilities on diff layers
  4. Security: only authenticated users are allowed to download and install this app.
  5. Secured Login into Application
  6. Access of secured ArcGIS Map Services
  7. Integration with LDAP / Outlook to search employees and their details.

NOTE:: There are 2 developers in my team, one has experience in Development in Android based Mobile App. No one has Experience in iOS Dev, We don't have Mac Platform ready as of now (We need to buy if required).

There are many options available such as:

  1. Go for ESRI AppStudio; and then further customize in QT Editor- We are new to this, we need to learn this.
  2. Go for Hybrid App development using (Cordova, PhoneGap etc.)- We are new to this, we need to learn this too.
  3. Go for Xamarin for cross platform development.- We are new to this, we need to learn this too.
  4. Go for Native Application development separately each for Android and iOS - Here we have one developer who has exp in Android, but - We are new to iOS, so we need to learn this too. 

I have gone through the GUIDE Line available on the ESRI Blogs Development strategies for targeting Android, iOS, and Windows Phone . So please don't suggest me on broad point of view. e.g. consider your developers skills, targetted users. budget etc. i want suggestion from technical, performance, and future compatibility point of view. 

Based on the description I have provided you above, suggestion are required from your experiences.

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I think you have the basic information you need, you just need to maybe prototype a few things and see what works.  One thing to note is that if you want to do offline work, then you will need to use a native API (Runtime or AppStudio) versus a web/hybrid API (JS and Cordova/Phone gap). Most of the things you listed have free trials available, so perhaps it would be prudent to give a few a go and see what seems the most promising for you. Just remember there is never a silver bullet and there are always trade offs between the different technologies (hence why we have so many offerings at Esri )

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